Dental Fillings

Aesthetic Filling

Filling with tooth-coloured composite resin means the restoration of the original colour and shape of the tooth We mix the filling from different colours to achieve the exact shade, enabling the filling to merge with the rest of the tooth, rendering it ”invisible”. When preparing the cavity for the filling, only aminimal amount of healthy dental tissue is removed

Inlay and Onlay

An Inlay or Onlay is a solid filling prepared in the dental laboratory to the exact shape to replace the missing dental tissue and to restore the anatomical shape and functionality of the tooth. The Inlay or Onlay is bonded into the tooth cavity by the dentist.

Tooth coloured Inlay or Onlay is used primarily in preference to traditional filling when the tooth decay is considerable and
extends to the surfaces next to the neighbouring teeth. It is a favourable solution for replacing large old fillings too. The Inlay or Onlay is more transparent, and looks more natural than standard fillings done directly in the mouth. The implant is prepared to the right individual shape to aid your bite, providing perfect functionality.

As it is prepared in laboratory conditions, its physical attributes are superior to the traditional filling it is more durable, does not break and does not discolour The tooth coloured Inlay or Onlay is a long lasting and aesthetic type of filling, with many positive attributes:

  • colour is chosen to match provides perfect contact points
  • it provides perfect contact points between neighbouring teeth
  • it restores missing dental cusps
  • there is no need to scrape down the tooth
  • it can be used for prosthesis Inlay or Onlays can be used for fixing bridges (into place)
  • it is expected to satisfy our patients” needs for 10-12 years
  • it has an extremely precise shape and good quality
  • it has exceptional functionality and stability
  • it is non-allergenic

All in all, the Inlay or Onlay is a better solution in every respect than a standard filling. The higher cost is a worthwhile investment, because the Inlay or Onlay last several times longer than the traditional filling.

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