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Welcome to escalade dental care

Escalade Dental Care Specialist provides pleasant, professional, and educational dental experiences to our patients. We are committed to educating and motivating our patients of all ages to be actively involved in their dental care. We have professional team, who will serve you with integrity and best quality by providing our patients with comprehensive solutions, Facilities, convenient environment as well as safe and sterilized equipment.

Our goal is to help you creating a healthy and beautiful smile for life. We do hope that this website serves as a helpful education resource and we look forward to assisting you and become you dental partner

Creating a beautiful smile is become passion, so since then, always focus to expertise in dental cosmetics (smile design and smile make-over).

Drg. Astrid Khatalia, Sp.Pros

Founder Escalade Dental Care

Escalade Dental

Our Services

General Dentistry

The area of dentistry you are most likely to be familiar with. If you have undergone a scale and polish, a filling, or have had dentures fitted, then this all falls into the category of general dentistry.

Specialized Dentistry

is that branch of dentistry that provides oral care services for people with physical, medical, developmental, or cognitive conditions which limit their ability to receive routine dental care

Esthetic Dentistry

Cosmetic dentistry is generally used to refer to any dental work that improves the appearance of teeth, gums and/or bite. It primarily focuses on improvement in dental aesthetics in color, position, shape, size, alignment and overall smile appearance.

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Why us

Dental Care for The Whole Family

Choosing a family dentist in Escalade offers an array of unique smile benefits for your family


We are truly caring about our patients


We strive to be thorough in everything we do, taking the time to be the best we can be.

Personal Touch

We work with only one patient at a time, and do not double book


We are esthetics oriented, helping you look your best, while maintaining optimum comfort, function and health.

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We are A Full Service Dentistry Practice

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What our patient say
Mariana SuhardjoMariana Suhardjo
07:19 11 Dec 23
Professional service and great team work. Love my dental transformation
06:19 24 Nov 23
I went for veneers and was super happy with the results!!! Very professional dentist team, clean place, complete equipment!!! Thank you Drg Astrid and team 🥰❤️
Dhanny CokroDhanny Cokro
00:57 23 Nov 23
For more than 10 years I have subscribed to the Escalade clinic. I straightened my teeth, veneers, cleaned tartar, filled cavities, etc., so far there hasn't been anything negative or that doesn't make me uncomfortable with this clinic, all the services provided by the receptionist, doctor, nurse are the best👍🏽 Thank you thank you for all the comfort and results that never disappoint 🙏🏻 Always the best for all patients who come Amen 😇😇😇
Denis PereselkinDenis Pereselkin
03:52 22 Nov 23
Highly recommend the clinic.I’ve received a very professional treatment and my case was not a trivial one.
Priyank RastogiPriyank Rastogi
10:43 08 Nov 23
Great experience, new equipment and very patient doctors .. thank you
Meilisa PatriaMeilisa Patria
22:55 02 Nov 23
I had the pleasure of visiting Escalade Dental recently, and I can confidently say that the experience was a game-changer. Drg Astrid and the entire team at Escalade Dental honestly go above and beyond to provide exceptional dental care.Drg Astrid is committed to giving you what you want and what you truly need. Her expertise and professionalism boost your confidence in the treatment you're receiving. You can trust that she has your best interests at heart.One aspect that impressed me was the speed at which the doctor and her team worked. They are incredibly efficient, ensuring that your time is valued and the results are delivered promptly.But what indeed left me in awe was the incredible outcome. The results of my dental treatment at Escalade Dental exceeded my expectations. The skill and care exhibited by Drg Astrid and her team is remarkable.I highly recommend Escalade Dental to anyone seeking dental care. Drg Astrid and his team are a testament to what excellent dental care should be, and I am grateful for their positive impact on my dental health.Thank you, Escalade Dental, for your exceptional care and service.
Burnett StampBurnett Stamp
12:31 21 Oct 23
I do not typically give a blanket endorsement of a company or service. However, Escalade Dental, Jakarta, Indonesia is an exception. Escalade Dental is one of the best, if not the best dental experience I have had. I have been visiting Escalade Dental for over one year while on assignment in Jakarta. From the dental professionals to the administrative staff, Escalade Dental provides the best in dental consultation and care as well as the most the most current dental tools and equipment. The facility is sparkling and safety precautions during the Covid-19 period were exceptional.Consultations with the dental professionals and in particular Dr. Edwards is truly interactive, and all questions and concerns are answered in full, leaving no doubt as to the efficacy of the procedure are treatment.
11:44 05 Sep 23
I haven't been to the dentist for a long time. Unfortunately, i lost a tooth filling which had to be repaired.The service from Dr Putri and her team was excellent.Thanks for the pain free repair and explanations about each step.I can highly recommend Dr Putri.
Roswita KhaiyathRoswita Khaiyath
07:48 31 May 23
After seeing 6 dentists in melbourne and 3 in jakarta during the past year, in desperation I made an appointment at Escalade to sort out my root canal infection above an old crown. Every dentist had suggested an implant and didn’t listen to my concern about osteoporosis and twice yearly Prolia injections. Arriving at the clinic i was surprised at the friendly professionalism of the staff - receptionist, nurses - and the comfortable and sterilised surroundings. Last Saturday I met Dr Chicha, an Endodontist: very professional, patient and took time to explain the pros and cons of having the tooth extracted “My job is to preserve, not to dispose, so I hate to tell you extraction is the best way” she said. I left feeling at ease. Went back the following Monday to see Dr Edward: friendly, caring, patiently explaining the dangers of extraction whilst on Prolia. He suggested he talk to my GP in Melbourne first and only afterwards did he agree to do the extraction . I swear I did not feel anything and when he said “all done” I actually laughed. My two visits felt like catching up with old friends. Two days later I received a WA message asking me whether I was still in pain. I highly recommend this dental surgery for its professionalism, friendliness, hygiene and deep care to its patients. My sister and cousin are already on the list. And I will fly back to Jakarta for my twice yearly dental check-ups.Thank you Escalade.Roswita Nimpuno Khaiyath B.A (Hons), M.A (Monash),director AUSTRALINDO BUSINESS SERVICES, Melbourne, Australia .
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Our Practice & Core Values

We are A Full Service Dentistry Practice, Does it really matter if your dentist offers all services or only some? It does. There are many benefits to choosing a practice that provides full service dentistry, Make an Appointment and Save Your TeethThe best way to protect your teeth is through regular dental exams. Call Escalade Dental Care today to learn more about the benefits of full service dentistry.
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