Clinic Regulation

A strong, trusting relationship allows the best treatment progress and results. We feel it is important to present our philosophy and practice guidelines.
We ask that you. please read this document carefully.

To achieve the best care in an optimal condition, it is important to be on time on your appointment. Or else, your appointment will be rescheduled in order not to interfere others’ schedules.

We require twenty-four hours notice by you if there is any change regarding your appointment time.

In order to build a positive relationship between you and Escalade,
we have developed the following financial considerations, which we believe you, will find to be of great assistance.

Please note that payment for your initial visit is due in full at that time

1. Payment in full at start of treatment

A courtesy reduction of will be given if you finish a payment equal to or exceeds IDR 25 millions at start of treatment by cash or check payments A courtesy reduction of 2.5% will be given if you finish a payment equal to or exceeds IDR 25 millions at start of treatment by credit card. This does not apply to partial payments or any other (discounts),

2. Partial payments

Partial payments may be made over the period of time required to complete treatment, maximum 3 times of installments, and total amount due should be paid in full at the time when the current treatment is completed. Payment amounts and due dates can be scheduled prior to beginning treatment. Particularly for the cases which require laboratory works such as crown, bridge, inlay/onlay,
(dentures, and any removable appliances) minimal payment of 50% of fee is needed to allow delivery to the laboratory.
Partial payment options are not eligible for any courtesy reduction.

Please note that as our regulation approved indicates, for any outstanding balances from due date, we will be unable to continue serving on another dental treatment while this amount remains unpaid.

“We value your trust and confidence and thank you for the privilege to improve your smile and oral health.”

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