Drg. Robby


Dr. Robby was graduated as dentist in 2011 from University of Indonesia.
He took Pediatric Dentistry Specialist Program of University of Indonesia in 2017, graduated in 2020 with cum laude predicate, and was the best in his class.

He caring kids with proper behavior management. His passionate is about promotive, preventive and curative of kids dental care and special needs. Promotive care to provide dental health education for parents and kids to maintain healthy oral hygiene. He likes to inform about dental decay risk factors and the preventive care. Also curative care to repair dental decay and abnormalities in growing kids. He loves to prepare kids having a good permanent teeth.

He keep himself updated by attending national and international Pediatric Dentistry conferences. He is currently affiliated in IDGAI (Ikatan Dokter Gigi Anak Indonesia).


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