Drg. Maria Davina, Sp.KG


Dr Davina always wanted to be a dentist ever since she was in the kindergarten, following both her parents. In 2002, the dream came true when she was admitted in Faculty of Dentistry, University of Indonesia. She graduated with bachelor degree in 2008 with two cum laude predicates (2006, 2008) and was the best in her class.

Following her heart and her passion,
Dr Davina continued her study to be an endodontist soon after, despite of her parents advice to choose another major. She graduated her specialist education in 2011 with another cum laude and won the competency test with the highest scores.

Her love of details makes her work of searching little tiny root canals enjoyable. By being passionate, she always tries to deliver her best work in healing patients who have problems with infected teeth.  

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