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profil astrid  

Drg. Astrid Khatalia, Sp.Pros



Graduated as one of the top five at her class and the youngest dentist from University of Indonesia in 2001 at age 21, she later worked as general dentist in several private clinics while taking post graduate program in Prosthodontics from the same University in 2002 and graduated in 2005. To maximize her skills, during her term in University she also continued to study Cosmetic Dentistry in New York University (NYU) - Smile Care, India - Studio of Cosmetic Dentistry, Indonesia in 2002-2003 and Implantology in the Faculty of Dentistry, University of Prof.Dr.Moestopo (Beragama) in 2004-2005.
Since May 2008 she began to set up an integrated dental teamwork with all qualified specialist dentists and established a clinic named Escalade.
In Organizations she has been part of the committees in :

  • Indonesian Dental Association
  • Indonesian Society of Implant Dentistry
  • Indonesian Cosmetic Dentistry Society

Creating a beautiful smile has become her passion, so since then, she always focuses to her expertise in dental cosmetics (including smile make-over, crowns, veneers & whitening). She keeps updating her knowledge and skills in any national & international cosmetic dental trainings and seminars. She has been the resource for several medias regarding cosmetic dental articles, and sharing her knowledge and skills through class lectures and case presentations in the organizations she has been involved with.
By combining art and science, Dr.Astrid and her team has created many re-born smiles of her patients, including Putri Indonesia as representatives in Miss Universe Beauty Pageant.

profil adhi  

Drg. Adhinara, Sp.Pros



Dr. Adhi graduated from University of Indonesia in 2001 with outstanding achievement within 5 years. His early years were dedicated to mouth rehabilitation, which cover the fields of cosmetic and esthetic dentistry. In the beginning of 2005, then he began his research focusing on dental ceramics and color. Which leads to his completion in Prosthodontics postgraduates from the same university. Since then, his passion grew within Prosthodontics and he continued studies in focus to Temporo-mandibular Disorder.

Dr. Adhi is a registered Prosthodontist to The Indonesian Medical Council and certified prosthodontist of Indonesian Prosthodontic Society. He is also an active member of Indonesian Prosthodontic Society (IPROSI) and Indonesian Dental Association. Currently in charge of Continued Education committee in IPROSI Jakarta Chapter.

Keeping up date with the latest knowledge and trends in dentistry, Dr. Adhi actively participates in many local and international seminars and workshops primarily related to prosthodontic and esthetic bonded restorations. He also enjoys sharing his knowledge and skills through class lectures, case presentations and vocational trainings nationally.

profil chica  

Drg. Novita Chicha Sartika, Sp.KG



Dr. Chicha graduated from University of Indonesia in 1999 with outstanding achievement and honored with a Cum Laude degree. Her strong interest to endodontic (root canal treatment) and esthetic restorations has grown since her early clinical years in dentistry. This led her to pursue a formal post graduate education in conservative dentistry in University of Indonesia that she had completed in 2004 where she got a formal specialized training in endodontic and advanced restorations.

She joined Escalade since it was established at 2008, and became one of pioneer in Escalade’s dental specialist team. She focusing her practice in endodontic and esthetic restorations including porcelain onlays and inlays, direct composite veneers and fillings. For her, preserving the harmonious function of nature (the tooth and its surroundings) are the main goals of treatment and this can only be achieved through an integrated knowledge and careful work of qualified dental team.

Dr. Chicha is a registered Endodontist to The Indonesian Medical Council and certified endodontist to Indonesian College of Conservative Dentistry. She is also an active member of Indonesian society of Conservative Dentistry (IKORGI) and Indonesian Dental Association.

Keeping up date with the latest knowledge and trends in dentistry, Dr. Chicha actively participates in many local and international seminars and workshops primarily related to endodontic and esthetic restorations. She also enjoys sharing her knowledge and skills through class lectures, case presentations and vocational trainings nationally.

In her spare time, she loves entertaining her family with her piano playing and singing as well as spending her valuable time with her husband and two daughters.

profil davina  

Drg. Maria Davina, Sp.KG



Born on 4th Dec 1984 in a dentist family, Dr. Vina had desired to be a dentist ever since she was in playgroup. She graduated from University of Indonesia with three Cumlaude distinctions from undergraduate (2006), professional (2008), and specialist programs (2011) where she obtained her specialty in endodontics (root canal treatment specialist). She won the highest score at “Uji Kompetensi Spesialis Konservasi Gigi” in Jogjakarta, 2011. Now, she is focusing on clinical practice, especially in endodontic cases that need finesse skill and detail. Retain a tooth in the mouth as long as possible by eliminating pain and infection is her main goal. She also participates in seminars by presenting case reports in poster and oral short presentation, and enjoys sharing her knowledge in radio talk-shows and magazine articles.

profil julie  

Drg. Tri Julianti, Sp.KGA

Pedodontist - Pediatric dentist


Dr. Juli graduated from University of Indonesia in 1999 then continued her post graduate program in Children’s dentistry (Pedodontics) from the same university and graduated in 2005. She actively participates in various Pedodontic seminars/courses locally and internationally and also as a speaker in many local seminars with topics on children’s dentistry. She is active in giving counseling and Dental Health Education (DHE) to many playgroups and kindergartens around Jakarta such as TK Mini Pak Kasur, Tumble Tots, Kinderfield, National Montessori, Montessori, Mom’s Club Mothecare to name a few, also to many other kindergartens in East Jakarta. She enjoys being around children and is very concern about dental health and shaping a good/positive behaviour prior dental treatment in children.

profil dicky  

Drg. Dicky Firmansyah, Sp.BM

Oral & Maxillofacial Surgeon


Dr. Dicky is a young and vivacious oral surgeon who is gentle in his approach and manner to his patients. He graduated from Trisakti University Jakarta in 1998 and later worked as general dentist at several International Hospital. Then in 2004 he took post graduate program in Oral & Maxillofacial Surgery in University of Indonesia and graduated at 2008.

In addition to his basic and specialist dental training, he also following The International AO CranioMaxillofacial Principle Course in 2007 and Following Educational Program From International Association of Oral & Maxillofacial Surgeon and continuing dental course in Implantology in Singapore during 2007 till 2008.

In organization he is a Committee of :

  • Indonesian Dental Association

  • Indonesian Association of Oral & Maxillofacial Surgeons

  • International Association of Oral & Maxillofacial Surgeons

  • Indonesian Society of Implant Dentistry.

He is one of the first Oral Maxillofacial Surgeon in Indonesia that has been confirmed as a member of The Indonesian Surgeons Association since 2010. His clinical interest are extracting unerupted teeth and fractured roots, initial and definitive care of the trauma patient, management of cyst and tumors of jaws, diagnosis andmanagement of dentofacial deformity, pre prosthetic surgery, and reconstructions of jaws.

profil astri  

Drg. Astri Sulandari, SpPerio



Dr. Astri received her undergraduate dental degree in 2004 and continued professional program in 2006 both from University of Indonesia. In 2007, she concluded 6 months of compulsary government duty in rural area of the Mentawai Islands, West Sumatra Province where she learned about healthcare services in remote areas and was challenged with many cases of dental surgery. Since then she has worked as a general practitioner in several private dental clinics in Jakarta . In 2011 she underwent her postgraduate training, specializing in Periodontics at University of Indonesia and received her specialist degree with outstanding achievement and a Cum Laude degree. She is currently a member of the Indonesian Society of Periodontology and has dedicated her practice into treating Periodontal cases, cases of tooth and bone loss due to periodontal disease and improving soft tissue esthetics in the oral cavity. Preservation of a natural, healthy smile and the ability to chew comfortably through periodontal treatment are the goals of her treatment.

profil charles  

Drg. Charles Yanuardi Sp. Ort



Dr. Charles graduated from University of Indonesia in 2006 then continued his postgraduate program in Orthodontics from the same university and graduated in 2011 and honoured with cum laude distinction.
He is a member of Indonesian Dental Association since 2006 and now he is a part of the commitee in Indonesian Association of Orthodontics.
The best quality of treatment that his patients receive is the first priority for Dr Charles.
He is always seeking ways to upgrade his knowledge and practise it to faster treatment time.
He believes that patients are his partners in achieving better orthodontic result and welcomes input from the patients under his care.




Drg. Febrianti Djaya Putri

General Dentist


Drg. Putri graduated from University of Indonesia in 2003. In the same year she took internship in Nowon Hospital at Seoul, South Korea for 3 months. She later worked as general practioner kn several private clinics ans also active contribute by participating dental courses and hands on. 

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