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We are located in a strategic location of Mega Kuningan, where you can have a "one-stop" dental treatment for all your oral needs. This clinic was established in May 2008 and provides a full range of dental services by professional dental teamwork.

The presence of Escalade is exclusively presented to meet all your needs in dental health and beauty issues with a more pleasant & personal service.We commit to hold high standards in understanding your needs. A whole package that comes with worthy price providing you a dental care with comprehensive solutions and facilities, convenient environment as well as advanced technology with safe and sterilized equipments.The comfortable, multi-purpose dental chairs are faced with a monitor that makes it possible to watch TV, DVD or even your oral cavity with the intra oral camera during treatment.

The sterilisation process takes place at a room specially fitted. We put a great emphasis on the hygiene and sterilisation contact issues. We sterilize our equipments with autoclave, pack and store them separately.

In designing your individual & personal dental plans, we will treat you just like a partner, where you can discuss, ask and suggest us in making objective and informed decisions on many choices available for you.

Working together, our professional dental teamwork are dedicated to achieve high quality, patient-centred healing and improvement treatments:

  • Painlessly.
  • In safe and friendly surroundings, easing the fear and trepidation of patients by attentive, careful and meticulous work .
  • Building up confidence and gaining trust and satisfaction- ensuring full consultation step by step at each stage.
  • With emphasis on preventive care and tooth rehabilitation.
  • Choosing the treatment tailored to the individual patient, which is professionally most justifiable for obtaining the most appropriate, most aesthetic and longest lasting results.
  • Comprehensive treatment, with the help of our specialists when necessary.

Naturally, everybody wants to have a perfect smile with healthy and beautiful teeth, and expects dental treatment resulting in the fulfilment of these dreams.

Please take a look at our treatments and services, and let us introduce to you about Escalade.

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