Thineers (The painless way to a perfect smile)

 They are prepless, quick, painless, and permanent

Thineers® are the latest innovation in the ultra thin porcelain veneers as thin as a contact lens and they are perfectly suited for a Hollywood smile. Thineers® differ from traditional veneers because they can be as thin as 0.3mm or as thick as required.

 Before  After
Courtesy of Escalade Dental Team

And the most important is they are much more conservative alternative to traditional veneers. They can be fitted directly on to existing tooth structure without any preparation, injections, drilling or removing healthy tooth This means that local anesthetic may not necessary which is a big plus for patients weary of injections and pain.

Case selection is critical before prescribing Thineers® . With the use of study models and diagnostic wax ups, you can even have a visual representation of their final restoration before committing to the procedure.

Consult your dentist to discuss if Thineers is appropriate for you.

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