Is it safe to go to the Dentist During Covid-19 ?

Like so many other industries across the world, the dental industry has been dramatically impacted by the COVID-19 pandemic.

If you do need a dental procedure, what types of safety precautions are dental offices taking to ensure not only your health, but the health of their employees?

This is what we do:

We do our best to protect patients and staff from covid 19, Here are everything you should know on how we are applying safety protocol during this pandemic.

1. Prior making appointment
Prior making appointment, patients must fill and return our Health
Questioner. We need your cooperation to answer the questioner honestly for
our safety.

1.1 Health Questioner

  1. Patient Name?
  2. Gender/DOB?
  3. Have you travelled overseas for the past 14 days? (Yes/No)
  4. If Yes, Please name the country(s)
  5. Are you carrying these symptomps(Fever, Sneezing, Body Paints)? (Yes/No)
  6. Have you ever been in contact or close to a person with point 3 & 5?

1.2 Term & Conditions

  1. We are serving as your approval only, there will be “informed consent form” has to be signed for every single treatment started.
  2. Bank noted payment is not accepted
  3. All of our staffs have been trained and passed the standard selection.
  4. Doctors and  staffs member will be equipped with complete disposable Personal Protection Equipment (PPE), therefore therewill be additional charge for this.
  5. Sterilization and protection for patients has been done according to safety protocol of Indonesian Dental Association.
  6. Please come diligently and “on time”, due to our effort to arrange physical distancing between patients.
  7. The safety of both sides are our priority, but there is no 100% guarantee to break the chain of Covid-19 transmission.
2. Safety Procedure during your visit to our facility
  1. For your convenience, you may bring your own glasses, hair cap, or blanket. But if you wish to use ours, clinic provides them as well.
  2. Please wash your hands (preferably)or use hand sanitizer before enteringthe clinic area.
  3. Wearing mask is mandatory inside the clinic.
  4. Please keep your belongings as simple as possible, watch and jewelry should not be worn.
  5. Footwear will be decontaminated by spraying alcohol, therefore we expect you to use simple (if possible, rubber-based) footwear.
  6. If you are sweating, having temperature above 37.5 degrees, having runny nose or cough, please do not come to the clinic. If that happens, we have the right to refuse to start the dental treatment & discharge the patient.
  7. Please come to the clinic only by yourself or and for pediatric patient please only accompany by 1 person to accompany.
  8. By coming diligently and on time, you respect our effort to serve you in this condition.
3. Personal Protective Equipment ( PPE )

Our SOP 

Use Of Personal  Equipment (PPE) For Corona Virus Disease

4. Enviromental Cleaning
The pandemic has highlighted how enhanced environmental cleaning is necessary, therefore we have make sure that all surfaces should first be cleaned and then disinfected including areas throughout the clinic that are often neglected include doorknobs, light switches, computers and phones.

We have removed all items that can not be easily cleaned and disinfected such as magazines, newspaper, and all children’s toys at the kid’s area. 

Also for your convenience, our front officer will  provide each of you a small pack of tissue and a trash bag.

So, when should you schedule your next dental appointment?

First and foremost, if you’re experiencing any type of dental emergency—swelling, uncontrolled bleeding, pain, trauma from an accident, or if you have a dental concern related to an underlying condition (chemotherapy, uncontrolled diabetes, etc.)—it’s important to see your dentist as soon as possible as we are doing our best for you.

OR You can also feel free to call up our office and ask what we would recommend, for your dental needs.

In the meantime, and again, as long as you’re not currently facing a dental emergency, remember to keep your teeth and mouth healthy by brushing your teeth and flossing twice a day

free online consultation
free online consultation

Here are @escaladedental videos and photos related to dental’s issue during pandemic Covid-19


Escalade’s safety protocol, legalized by PDGI for Indonesian Dentistry.

LIVE IG , @drgastridk with @shophienavita  “Bagaimana menjaga kesehatan mulut dimasa pandemi”

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