Drg. Astri Sulandari, Sp.Perio


Graduated from Faculty of Dentistry University of Indonesia in early 2006, Doctor Astri then started to practice general dentistry in many private dental clinics throughout Jakarta until she performed a compulsory health care work in the rural areas of Mentawai Islands in 2007. She then took interest in dental surgery and underwent Dental Specialist Programme in Periodontics, Faculty of Dentistry University of Indonesia in 2011. After 2.5 years of residency, Doctor Astri graduated top of her class with the title Cum Laude and with honours as Best Dental Specialist Graduate of 2014. 

She is now focusing her work mainly on periodontal therapy, treating periodontal patients through minimally invasive and microsurgery procedures and specializing more on Periodontal Esthetic Surgery that has been her passion from early on.

Together in a teamwork, by supporting the periodontal aspect of A Smile Makeover process, Doctor Astri wishes to improve the overall health and esthetic smile of a patient while also delivering the patient’s dental treatment needs.

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